I think music is at its best when people play it and, above all, when they play it together.
I guess this all started when I joined my first youth orchestra where we played soundtrack music: The STOPPANIINMUSICA

Years later, my dad asked me to join their 60s rock band and it was a completely new and fun experience! They were I DISCEPOLI…. cool stuff!

By the end of high school I joined the SAN ZENO chamber orchestra with whom I have the honour of playing so many amazing pieces from the last 5 centuries! Memorable will also be our trips to Bari and Sestri Levante!

However, two years later my high school mates asked me to join their indie rock band: the RED LIGHT FIRE… There were so many things I liked about them, but we got to a point where it didn’t work anymore. We actually recorded a demo together, but we weren’t too convinced by it. Also, thinking about it, I didn’t really fit in, but it was fun anyways!

In the meantime, two crazy brothers asked me to join them in their folk band to play locally famous songs: the SCARPASCES…. They are by far the group with whom I played the most concerts: I’ve been to so many local sacres and fairs with them. We really rock!

One year later, I met some other great people whose folk music and theatre is probably not as appreciated as it should be. They are ANDREA BUFFA & MANCA MEZZORA. However, with them I actually recorded an album. I will never forget the numerous car trips around italy with them! Also it’s thanks to them that I now work my dearest audio forensic friend SONIA CENCESCHI


Then comes my favourite group by far, because even if we are not the best musicians ever there is such a strong bond between us that each concert is more amazing and fun than the previous. We play traditional dancing folk music, we also actually dance. The TAVERNICOLI have seen so many members come and go that its renewal is one of it’s distinctive features. For us playing is, above all, about sharing our fun together with others!


Finally comes a very unsual experiment. We are la CORTE DEGLI ANIMALI. We are a quartet (Federico at the Guitar, Andrea at the Bass, Pie at the Percussions) and we play pieces we wrote. It’s not actually easy to define what we play but we have a crazy amount of fun!



There are also many other smaller projects I’ve been involved with and a speccial mention should go to Davide. I will forever treasure our sunny break plays in front of arthur’s seat in Edinburgh!


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