This is a piece I wrote for Violin, Drink and Live electronics for a performance at the Insitute and which took place on the 12/07/2012

It might not be the best improvisation, but there are many things that came out better than I thought. I’ll have to see if I want to perform it again!?


This is a performed sound re-design of the video Jungle Fever by Hakon Palsson & Ansgar Hoech from the Edinburgh College of Art.

The sound re-design was composed and performed collaboratively by Raz Ullah, Marco Saez and Pier Daniel Cornacchia for a University project at the University of Edinburgh. Each of us took care of different aspects of the design which were then performed in real time using Max Msp. My role was to deal with the sonification of multiplying elements which appear in the image. Raz Ullah dealt with the emotional-musical aspects while Marco Saez with the more concrete/foley sonification.