Since this blog is about me and my works I could very well say something about me.

So, let’s see…. I guess it all started with my instrument… the violin! For years it has been by only true love and  music was what I thought about most of the time…  I guess it is still partly true!

However, in my family we have always been film maniacs and, so, it was kind of natural that I developed a strong interest in film and the soundtrack.

However, due all also to my scientific curiosity, I wanted to have a better understanding of what was behind music and sound…. and why it has this incredible power in affecting us. It’s true…. curiosity killed the cat and ignorance is bliss, but when you feel that’s your road there is no way you don’t follow it.

So my long journey began and I always like to think about the many discoveries I found out about music and sound as time went on. There is simply  so much….so many people have tackled and explored the many problems involved in so many ways. It’s incredible: everything everytime changes your perspective.

If I had to mention the people and books that changed my view of things, above all, I should definitely mention:

Claudio Cattaneo… I still treasure his spirit, attitude and perspective on the world and people…..and I am still thankful for making me read “The soundscape”


Franco Fabbri… his passion and nostalgia for the hisotry of Popular music and progressive rock changed so much my musical taste and attitude towards music

However, I believe also softwares can change your perspective on things…. They can change how you interpret, approach and think about the world and in my case about sound. CSound was definitely the most incredible breakthrough followed in the coming years only by Max-Msp.  The idea that with math, formulas and logical  flow you can sculpt a sound to its most little detail still amazes me today!

Thanks to my first academic experience and from friends I understood that electronic music was my next step. The conservatory of Como was an incredible experience…. I think I can still remember every lesson Sylvianne, Giorgio, Giovanni and Stefano taught. Each one of them was a lesson on life, aesthetics and the incredible nature of sound and the potential of computers.

I will also treasure forever that particular bonding between classmates… So many talks, laughs and arguments over music, sound and technology…. there was something so natural, strong but relaxed about it… I miss it!

I will also remember the conservatory for the numerous opportunities. Sometimes I think….. wait a sec…. I actually met “Risset and Di Scipio” !
And then comes my last step… Edinburgh…. what a year. Honestly, it was so intense that I probably didn’t enjoy it as I should have, as I couldn’t understand thoroughly what was going on….wait a sec I actually met wishart?… but still it was a great experience. I had to stay so much in that university building ….the unforgettable “Alison House” that I guess I feel many of my classmates as brothers or cousins. Everybody was so keen to learn that we ended up teaching ourselves so much…. even hectic, jumpy Martin helped out!

However,  I can’t avoid talking about the most incredible human being and sound person ever. There is no way to describe a talk with Kev. With him every conversation about sound and music is not only incredibly significant, but it’s also about life and happiness! I miss you already man!

So what can we say for now…. On one hand I am sorry I can’t listen to music and films without being an analytical idiot all the time. On the other hand I am so thankful I could explore so much as I  found out so much more than I expected…

Guess we’ll have to see what’s next!


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