Monthly Archives: March 2013

Coming soon here is the short film LOST SERENITY. Winner of the Best Director of Photography and Best Sound Design at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards 2013.

The sound design was made all in post production by recording all the sounds and by creating all the sound effects.

The music was composed by Ana Roman, who also helped me out in the Sound Design.

Thank you to Alan Mc Laughlin ( DOP) who let me me do the Sound Design for this short film.

More details on the Sound Design Process when I will be authorised to show it….


Deep Pale Dark Blue

If you can’t see this video please ask for password at cornwil[at]

The aim of this sound design was to deliver the scientist’s perception of nature and how he uses science to interpret the numbers he receives from the instruments he uses to analyse space. So, we hear and see what goes one in his everyday life and during the night when he analysed the sky to find this planet he won’t see like that ever again.

Website of the film maker.