The mobile Telephemes. An essay on the use of mobile phone calls in contemporary cinema

The mobile Telephemes. An essay on the use of mobile phone calls in contemporary cinema

The following essay is a brief walkthrough into why mobile phone call
scenes are very popular in contemporary western cinema. To have an
overall understanding of the issues involved, the essay will give an introduction
on traditional telephemes and the social implications of mobile
communication. Afterwards, the paper will depict a theory, which states
that gossip practice and mobile gossip have a major involvement of contemporary
film viewers.

Literature shows that telephone call scenes have always been important in western
contemporary popular cinema. For this reason this
essay will start by giving a brief introduction on popular cinema rhetoric to
try and comprehend, above all, how filmmakers have experimented with traditional
phone call scenes. In fact, these kinds of scene are very effective to
play with diegesis and image-sound relation. In addition, the phone has often
been used as an acousmetre. However, this
media in the media has more implications, whence communication becomes mobile. Cell phones have made it possible to make film characters
contact others anywhere and anytime. Hence, they can change the perception
of everyday life style. Consequently, the paper will underline how mobiles
have increased, or at least have made more evident, the practice of gossip
within common users. In fact, It seems that filmmakers have become
increasingly interested in showing gossip and mobile gossip practice within
teenagers and women. To give more concreteness to these
ideas the footnotes of the essay will include explanations of film scene examples, which sustain
the theoretical issues. The final aim is to show that gossip, mobiles and
films are becoming increasingly interconnected. As a matter of
fact, media in the media are addictive to each other.

If you want to read the full article please download the following pdf

The Mobile Telephemes_Pdf


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