Monthly Archives: August 2012

In the past I had already made the sound design for other people’s work, but, above all, video. This was my first attempt back in 2011 to make a sound design for a fixed painting. My aim was to guide the listener, by giving my interpretation of her abstract work.

Thanks Giugy for the collaboration!


I composed this electroacoustic fixed sound piece back in 2010. The idea was to make a sonification for Escher’s famous painting. So, the composition should represent a paradox world where the only sounds we can hear are those made by trumpets. In fact, all the sounds heard in the composition are manipulations of the 2 scales heard at the beginning of the piece.

This fixed sound composition was realised in the Summer 2010 after I had read Audible Design by Trevor Wishart. This book still inspires me today both aesthetically and techincally.This work was also used as part of a discussion which took place at the CIM 2010 in Turin.

I would like to thank for the realisation of this piece Andrea Buffa who performed the monologue, Giorgio Bianchi with whom I wrote the CIM paper and Giorgio Klauer who made me discover this incredible composer.